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«We worked with Hans-Ueli Schlumpf in the process of developing a Vision for our school. In a collaborative process, the direction and imperatives for the development towards the future of our Secondary School were defined by including the entire staff. This ambitious project, which was additionally complicated during the pandemic, required a high degree of engagement and flexibility from everybody involved. Hans-Ueli Schlumpf has inspired us along the way over one year with creative ideas and valuable impulses until we were able to continue our journey on our own. We are grateful for his support.»

St.M. (m) & B.L. (m), Co-Principals at a Secondary School (Basel, Switzerland)


«We have known Hans-Ueli Schlumpf for many years and are enjoying a permanent, prosperous, and constructive collaboration. At some of our conventions he has contributed creative workshops about Leadership and Self-Leadership topics. In one of our projects he is contributing keynotes about Leadership and Self-Leadership, Employability and Health in the New Work environment as our cooperative partner drawing from his rich background of knowledge and experience in organizational-, leadership-, and team-development as well as self-improvement.»

M.G., Gesellschafterin und Direktorin, Institut für Arbeitsfähigkeit (Mainz, Germany)


»I can highly recommend Hans-Ueli Schlumpf for Coaching and Supervision. Over a period of nine months I had fifteen sessions of meta-supervision and benefited a lot from his professional support. He created a safe setting for my self-reflection of my own work as a coach. He provided a variety of adequately applied tools, suitable interventions, and inspiring summaries. I could bring up any topic and he could support me in all of them. And I would work again with Hans-Ueli anytime.«

M.M., (m, 409, Leadership Coach, Supervisor, ICF PCC (Madrid, Spain)


«I had the honor of meeting Hans-Ueli Schlumpf at the ANSE Summer University in Budapest, where we both attended a workshop with Anne Berthelin. I was in the role of the supervisee and Hans-Ueli was the supervisor. It was an amazing experience. He guided me through the process easily, simply, honestly, and created an atmosphere of trust, calm and support. Thanks to this, I realized my inner readiness. And with his respectful encouragement, I am inspired to open up and act more boldly in my professional field. I am glad that he was the witness and co-creator of my inner transformation.»

E.R. (f), Coach, Supervisor, Organizational Consultant (Vilnius, Lithuania)


»Without my coaching sessions with you I probably wouldn't be where I am today professionally. You are doing a great job and I'll certainly recommend you.«

M.B. (m, 56), Project Lead in IT Consulting (Dornach, Switzerland)


The Book

My Book on »Dialogue- and Learning Culture in Organizations«


The book is available in german, please find a sample reading below and switch to the german version of the homepage (button top right) for testimonials.

I'd like to make the book available to an international audience. If you can make a contribution to speed up translation or know somebody who might, please spread the word, thank you very much!

Reading sample (german) from the book by Hans-Ueli Schlumpf (published in March 2019) ( 632 KB )



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»I understand consultancy as a co-creative process that reveals individual talent and collective capabilities to foster authenticity and engagement for the purpose of manifesting unique potential and transferring it into a significant contribution at the workplace and in society.«

Hans-Ueli Schlumpf


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