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Shape the Culture you really need!

  • Purpose driven Vision & Mission
  • Self-organized teams
  • Transaprent and humane processes
  • Evolucreative dialogue- and learning culture
  • Strategies: linear and non-linear
  • Space and time for authenticity and reflection
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Live the Life you really want!

  • Lead yourself and others better
  • Reveal your own potential
  • Establish healthy and mindful habits
  • Maintain nourishing relationships
  • Create work-life-synergy
  • Manage change effectively


It's about you, your career, your team, your organization - it's about your situation, challenges, questions and goals.

Please contact me for an aquaintance session with no obligation in order to discuss next steps that will move you forward.

Best of success!

Hans-Ueli Schlumpf
Coach & Consultant


The Book

My Book on »Dialogue- and Learning Culture in Organizations«


The book is available in german, please find a sample reading below and switch to the german version of the homepage (button top right) for testimonials.

Sponsoring welcome to produce an english translation soon! Thank you for your donation or for spreading the word.

Book by Hans-Ueli Schlumpf (published in March 2019) ( 632 KB )




Impulse workshop based on the book


A short, approx. 2-3 hours, teaser workshop around some core topics in the book.

Download Abstract ( 408 KB )

Workshop based on the book


This standard 2-day-module can be run as a stand alone workshop, as part of a leadership development curriculum, or as a company internal training course for leaders. It can also just serve as general outline to design a customized workshop with adapted content and time structure.

Download Abstract ( 422 KB )

Evolucreative Peer Groups


The most effective Leadership Development happens through the reflection of one's own specific questions and issues from daily leadership practice and situations.

The »Evolucreative Peer Suite« is a professionally facilitated peer group for leaders.

Please send me an e-mail for more information or to establish a group.

( 208 KB )

MasterMyLife® Weekend retreat


An ideal weekend for your personal development:

Digital Detox - detach from your daily routine, minimize digital-time, maximize ME-time.

Dive into an inspiring development experience from Friday 2:00 pm to Saturday 5:00 pm.

Use your Sunday on your own to integrate your insights.

Start your new week - and the rest of your life - with fresh energy and clarity!

Please contact me for more information e-mail


CCIEL - Competency Center for Integral Evolution and Leadership

Hans-Ueli Schlumpf
CH-4102 Binningen / Basel (Switzerland)
T: +41 (0)79 888 92 92


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