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  • You want to deliberately shape your leadership role?
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The Book

My Book on »Dialogue- and Learning Culture in Organizations«


The book is available in german, please find a sample reading below and switch to the german version of the homepage (button top right) for testimonials.

I'd like to make the book available to an international audience. If you can make a contribution to speed up translation or know somebody who might, please spread the word, thank you very much!

Reading sample (german) from the book by Hans-Ueli Schlumpf (published in March 2019) ( 632 KB )



EvoluCreative MindFlow by CCIEL

Intro to key capabilities to deliberately shape your work and life



»We don't have time to wait until the darwinistic evolution will tranform us into more intelligent and more benign beings. We are now entering a phase that we could call the self-designed evolution


Stephen W. Hawking, british Cosmologist,
Professor for Applied Mathematics
and Theoretic Physics


CCIEL - Competency Center for Integral Evolution and Leadership

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